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If things are feeling a little strained in your family it can help to sit down with a counsellor and talk things through together.

What is Family Counselling?

Changes in family life like separation or divorce, loss of a family member or having your first child can create new tensions or make old ones worse. Family Counselling can help everyone to communicate better, to understand how each other is feeling and help you all make plans for coping with the changes together. 

Take a look at our video, in which Relate Counsellor Graham explains what Family Counselling is for.

What happens in Family Counselling?

What takes place in your Family Counselling session will very much depend on the needs of your family and what you would like to see change.

Everyone who comes along will be encouraged to have their say. Your trained counsellor will create a supportive, constructive environment in which family members will have the chance to listen to each other – and be listened to. 

The families we’ve worked with have told us that counselling helped them better appreciate the thoughts and feelings of other family members – and to feel like they were being listened to.

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