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At Relate London North East and Essex we help children and young people going through difficulties in their home or school life.

Our counsellors are able to help children and young people to talk about the things that are worrying them. They can provide support and guidance on problems like family breakdown; moving in with a second family; or bullying at school.

What is Children and Young People’s Counselling?

Children and Young People’s Counselling is for any young person who’s having problems.

Counselling can help no matter what’s on your mind. If it’s bullying, your parents splitting up, arguments with friends or you’re just feeling a bit low, we’re here to help you deal with it.

Take a look at our video, in which Relate Counsellor Graham explains how counselling works.

What happens in a counselling session?

When you see your counsellor, you’ll have a chance to chat about what’s on your mind. They won’t judge you or tell you what to think or do, and they won’t look down on you because you’re young. They’ll respect you and listen to what you have to say.

Having someone to talk to outside of your home and school life can help you see your problems in a new light and help you work out how to cope with your feelings.

Lots of young people who’ve come to see us have said counselling made them feel happier and better able to deal with their problems. In some cases, it was even able to help them concentrate more on their schoolwork or improved their relationships with their friends and family.

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Feeling at the end of your tether, stuck at home with everyone?  If you would like to have a video call from one of our expert relationship counsellors, that’s easy for us to arrange at a time to suit you.

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