School Summer Holiday – Are you dreading them?

While the children can’t wait for the long school summer holiday the opposite is true for a number of families.

It is often at the end of the summer – family mediation services see an increase in demand.

Sometimes it’s the final straw for many couples who realise they can’t go on any longer and need to talk about separating.

The problems of keeping the children occupied during the six week break and the expense this involves proves too much for the relationship.

Going on holiday and having to spend more time together. All this can apply immense pressure on a vulnerable relationship which in the end breaks downs.

This is where Relate Mediation can support these families to explore and agree the details of their separation.

The majority of our Mediators are also practicing Child Counsellors so are child centred and are best placed to support families in reaching child arrangements.

But families who have already separated often struggle at this time. When the children are no longer in school and childcare has to be arranged – this is when contact arrangements can break down.

Relate Mediation is open to these families to help discuss and agree changes to an existing contact order.

We hold a Legal Aid contract and if eligible all you costs are met by the Legal Aid Agency.

If you would like to book an appointment or would like further information around the services we offer

Please call  020 8514 7880



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Feeling at the end of your tether, stuck at home with everyone?  If you would like to have a video call from one of our expert relationship counsellors, that’s easy for us to arrange at a time to suit you.

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